Reckless Driver is a community-driven vehicle racing game with extreme modding capabilities

Modding Guide

So you wanna make mods for Reckless Driver?

Reckless Driver is made to be a completely modifiable game, from the player cars, to UI, textures, and even addon tracks.

This guide will show you the basics of modding Reckless Driver, from naming conventions, to file types, and everything in between. Good luck!

Reckless Driver vehicles contain a few objects, all are important to the game functioning properly for the engine to read the model you made. All objects are not case sensitive, making a capital letter nothing to worry about!

  • body -This is the main body of the vehicle
  • headlight_left -Left headlight object
  • headlight_right -Right headlight object
  • blinker_left -Left turn signal
  • blinker_right -Right turn signal
  • taillight -This is displayed at night
  • brakelight -This is for the brakelights
  • reverselight -This is for the reverse lights
  • collision -This is for the collision mesh. Must be less than 255 tris

Audio Files

All sound files must be in a Sound folder and must use the basename. You need _Horn, _Idle, and _Mid files. All files must be in thw *.wav format and must either be 8 or 16 bit, not 32-bit.


Textures are important to the game. They must be saved as TGA and made into the correct 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, or 2048 sizes. 

Textures must be put into the same folder as the *.obj and *.mtl file of your car or else they will not show up. The materials for the vehicle are generated at runtime.

NOTE to Blender users: Blender's OBJ exporter doesn't export the *.mtl correctly.  A tutorial for ensuring proper object names and material textures is here on the forum.

NOTE 2: To get transparent materials, make sure the texture itself is transparent and 32 bit, and the material editor in your modeler has the material opacity set! In 3DS Max, this is opacity set to 99%, in Blender, it's Translucency set to 0.990! *You can also set it manually in the .mtl by setting the D property to 0.99000000.*

Tune Files

All vehicles require an INFO *.dmon file. This file contains the basename of your vehicle, which is the name the game engine will read to know what belongs to your car, as well as if it's locked by default and what name will appear in the vehicle selection screen. 
  1. Addon Tracks
    Addon Tracks
Track Creation

​Tracks are very easy to create. All you need is an info file to detect it. 

For nomenclature, you need at least:
  • Gnd_ 
  • Spawn_

For breakable props, all you need is:
  • Pr_