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Reckless Driver upcoming update details!
Hello, Reckless Driver 1.7 will soon be coming out! We've been working extremely hard on this update to make it the best Reckless Driver version we've ever put out there!

This update includes a massive list of features including an entirely new set of 13 vehicles, modeled out more thoroughly and detailed, all new file formats for tuning and vehicle files, all new model file formats making modding the game easier, a nearly-finished Seaview city, new graphic design for all the UI!

But the biggest update are the entirely-new vehicle physics! Worked from the ground up, Reckless Driver's vehicle physics are now a great simulation of vehicle physics, and we're now allowing many many wheeled vehicles from 3-wheeled vehicles and up!

Some other notable updates include an entirely new lighting system inside the game, numerous bug fixes to the game itself, changes to race type names, and more!
Visual UI Updates!
The newest update to the RD lineup of updates features massive changes to the visual interface. Going from bright colors and badly-designed buttons, we now see a drastic change to the UI!

The new UI is darker, retro-inspired, and all-around more polished than the old designs. Fresh from the head of it's creator, carking1996, the new UI is more carefully thought-out as well as plan..