Reckless Driver is a community-driven vehicle racing game with extreme modding capabilities
What is Reckless Driver?

Reckless Driver is a unique, moddable, community-built racing game, the core of which is heavily inspired by racing games of the 1990s with the main goal being fun

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Latest Releases
Get these latest releases from the community!
  1. Ford Taurus
    This is a Ford Taurus conversion from Midtown Madness. Get it here.
  2. Mari 832b Police Cruiser
    This is the Mari 832b Police Cruiser by Diatosta. Get to catchin' those robbers!
  3. Dinka Jester
    A mean-looking Dinka Jester conversion by mm2mm1fan is released!
Today we opened up the new forum! Go take a visit and register to get news and to take part in the community!
Latest Version
A new patch release is here! V1.5b.

This patch fixes some addon track stuff, makes the menus more intuitive, fixes some bugs, and makes some more major changes to Seaview!

Get it in the downloads section!